Volunteering Policy

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46489_4819092882304_123922212_nY Dolydd Llanfyllin Workhouse believes that volunteers can make a positive difference to the community and to themselves. We are committed to enabling and encouraging this process as best as we can.

Volunteering is an activity where individuals decide, freely and by choice, to help achieve Y Dolydd, Llanfyllin Workhouse aims without expectations of financial or other rewards in kind.  We understand that people volunteer for many reasons and we value their contribution, commitment and participation.  Their involvement complements the work our organisation undertakes, but does not replace the work of paid staff members.

We believe that for volunteering to be successful, the needs of the organisation, service users and volunteers must match.  We aim to ensure this match through our recruitment and selection procedures, six-monthly appraisals and annual monitoring and evaluation of volunteering programmes and the volunteeriung policy.

We aim to be an example of good practice in volunteer management to other voluntary and community organisations who work with volunteers.

By offering volunteering placements, we hope to provide individuals with valuable work experience which they can take on to future situations in their lives.

We are currently reviewing our volunteering process with a view to providing volunteers with a better and more constructive and relevant work experience. Placements will be advertised from time to time on the website, and a list of registered volunteers is being developed.

If you would like to volunteer to help the Workhouse, or please contact Jane Lane

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