Sponsor a slate for the Master’s House roof appeal

On Wednesday 31 October the Mayor of Llanfyllin, Cllr Simon Baynes, will launch the Sponsor a Slate Appeal.  It aims to raise £10,000 towards vital repairs to the roof of the Master’s House, restoring the historic cupola and replacing missing flooring.  It’s the critical first phase of saving the whole building and bringing it back to life.

You’ll find more details on this flyer, designed for us by David Goodman.  If you’d like to help, the easiest way is to go on line at

And to support the Appeal in the longer term, at no cost to you, please consider joining up at

This means you can generate a donation every time you shop on line with thousands of top suppliers (to date just three of us have raised £21.69 in the last few months).  When you sign up you’ll trigger an immediate donation of £5!

Finally, the Appeal is also registered with  Normally their donation rate is a fairly stingy 0.5%, but from now till 2 November Amazon are increasing it to a whacking 5%.  If you’re thinking of making a major purchase this could really help, again at no cost to you.  Just use our unique charity link

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