Paranormal Investigations

Llanfyllin Workhouse welcomes paranormal investigation groups. 

The Workhouse opened in 1840 and was built to accommodate 250 inmates. Whole families were admitted and separated according to the strict guidelines laid down by the government as part of the Poor Law reforms. The Workhouse later became a residential home for the elderly and had a brief life as an outward bound centre before been abandoned and falling derelict for over 25 years before it was purchased by the Trust and brought back to life. The Workhouse is one of the few examples of these buildings still open and accessible to the public and possibly the only one that you can stay in. We are a charity owned and run by the community for the community and the largest unfunded heritage restoration project in Wales. We rely mainly on volunteers, donations and the income we generate from our events and activities on site. Your visit would contribute to the ongoing maintenance and development of this amazing project. 

Your group will have access to the building from 7pm – 3am. You will have freedom to roam around the public areas on the ground floor of the main building.  We can also provide accompanied access to some other areas that are not usually open to the public. We can discuss and agree this during the evening. This means you will have access to around 10+ rooms in total. You’ll then have exclusive use of our 24 bed bunkhouse, where you can carry on your investigations if you wish to.

The bunkhouse has 24 bunk beds in 3 rooms (12 beds, 8 beds and 4 beds). We provide quilt, pillow and linen so no need for people to being anything with them. The toilets and showers are mixed sex. There is a self catering kitchen in the bunkhouse which you and your investigators will be able to use. The bunkhouse is heated but the main building is not, so out of season your investigators will have to be prepared for it to be cold. 

We recommend groups of no more than 30 people and you will need to provide public liability insurance for the event. Please note that investigations are restricted to the public areas of the building. This is around 10+ rooms of varying sizes from whole groups to a few people. We can not provide access to all parts of the building. This is because some areas are still not safe to enter and others are private workshop and studio spaces. You are welcome to come visit us before booking to have a look around the site and the areas that you will have access to during your investigations.

If you would like more information or to discuss your booking please email