The report of the ecological survey undertaken at Y Dolydd by Arvensis Ecology 2015 is available to download here:

Survey of Y Dolydd 2015

Andy Lee, founder of the Llanfyllin Green Hub

Andy Lee, founder of the Llanfyllin Green Hub


This work is dedicated to Andy Lee, the founder of the Llanfyllin Green Hub. Without his vision and passion the Green Hub would not exist.


Our thanks go to Mark and Jenni Duffell of Arvensis Ecology and Andrew Cutts for their tireless enthusiasm and support, which has taken us far beyond the ecological survey that they were appointed to undertake. Their skills in reaching out and engaging people has brought this work to life for all those who participated and it has generated an interest and momentum in the community that we are now well placed to build upon.

Thanks also to the 140+ volunteers who participated in the various activities undertaken as part of the survey. We hope you enjoyed the events and look forward to seeing you at Y Dolydd for more nature and wildlife fun in the future.

To find out more about the Llanfyllin Green Hub and to keep up to date with all of our events your can join us on facebook at the Llanfyllin Green Hub or email